Automatice el registro de gastos y el cálculo de impuestos en su contabilización.

Crea un impacto positivo en tu equipo de Finanzas y Gastos de Viaje

Sincroniza datos maestros de empleados y objetos de costo

Incorpora reglas de deducibilidad, y reglas de negocio que generan inteligencia y validaciones en el registro de gastos y anticipos en SAP ERP.

Automatiza el registro de anticipos: Acelera operaciones y el registro de gastos de viaje aprobados para agilizar el reembolso de viáticos

Aplica reglas de deducibilidad a sus gastos de viaje provenientes de Concur Expense


Paso 1

Aprobación de informes 


Paso 2 

Automatización con trabajo programado: Generación de registros en el diario.


Paso 3 

Automatización con trabajo programado: Contabilización de registros en el diario.


Incluye monitoreo, mantenimiento y actualizaciones del software.
Aplicación de Reglas de Deducibilidad
Utiliza SAP Concur Invoice Web Services
Bajo costo de adquisición, curva de aprendizaje y mantenimiento.
Habilita flexibilidad para distribuir responsabilidades en un modelo Cloud
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Registre 100 informes de gastos de viaje en su sistema de contabilidad en 60 segundos.


  • Incremento en productividad y mejora de procesos

  • Reducción de tiempo en personal de cuentas por pagar

  • Ahorro en costo por transacción al automatizar registro de anticipos, gastos, datos de empleados y objetos de costo.

  • Cumplimiento Regulatorio en México

  • Aumente la productividad de su equipo financiero. - Ahorra tiempo y reduce la complejidad

  • Aporta una integración profunda a su negocio.

  • Se evita la doble introducción de datos y se reduce el tiempo de procesamiento de AP

  • Automatice el registro de gastos y el cálculo de impuestos en su contabilidad

Benefits ERP Expense Connector

Características de este conector

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Registro de pólizas en SAP ECC considerado múltiples escenarios de gastos
✓ Combina la información de Concur Request con los gastos para un seguimiento de los gastos de los empleados.
✓ Incluye monitoreo, mantenimiento y actualizaciones de software.
✓ Agrega reglas de negocio para un registro avanzado de anticipos y gastos de viaje.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Matt S.

I have been an energy trader since 1995 and have been using Mike’s technical analysis for 12 years. He has a way of making the charts easy to read. His support and resistance points are great guides during a trading day. Even better are Mike’s macro plays. There have been countless times over the years that Mike calls a move in the (energy)markets that produce bigger profits. And most important, he always has an exit point ready for you if the tides turn. I have learned to truly value Mike’s analysis over my trading career. He has always been available by email or phone over the years if you want to discuss the markets more in depth.

Timothy P- NYMEX Trader

I have used Michael Moor as my primary source of technical analysis for the energy and metal markets for over 10 years now. Initially I was looking for technical area's that could be implemented into my existing trading strategy, specifically to address areas of risk. After subscribing to his service I soon found myself using them for trade entry and trade exits regularly. Each technical level is accompanied by a scenario and suggestion that makes them easy to trade off of. Mike takes out the guesswork so often found when buying technical numbers from others.

Joe P.

I have been using Mike's research for almost ten years now. It is very thorough research accompanied by all the commentary you can use. On top of that, he is constantly evolving your PDFs to your personal needs and always open to feedback and suggestions so that your daily emails are tailored to your trading style. Highly recommend using his expertise!

Evan D.

I've been trading the energy markets for 15 years and I can tell you that no one sees the market quite like Mike. Honestly his analysis is so spot on, it's almost uncanny. I use his daily analysis for both short term day trading and longer term position trading. Reading his analysis gives me the insights I need to know where the market's been and where it's likely headed. The analysis provides me with numbers that guide me when I enter and exit my trades. Over the years, it's saved me an unimaginable amount of time and more importantly provided me with almost endless profit opportunities.

Jay M- NYMEX member and COMEX member

I've known Mike since the trading floor was in 4 World Trade. I've always appreciated his technical and trend analysis when defining my risk and time horizon.

Anthony D. --Proprietary Trader

In a market dominated by algorithims, having an Analyst like Mike doing all the heavy lifting based on mathematics and not emotion or fundamentals is crucial to my trading success. I've found Mike's directional projections and levels he calls out daily to be right 75-80% of the time. When you add in Mike's trader support his monthly service is second to none and a must have to be successful trading energy futures.

Sunny J.

I have been trading the metals, specifically gold for about 5 years now and have been delighted to be able to join Moor Analytics for the last year. The daily analysis has really helped me plan for the daily trades as well as the larger swing trades. The technical levels are spot on and very exact. This analysis actually takes the risk of giving you very precise entry/exit points for you to be able to setup trades. Michael's personalized service is comparable to none. He spends the time to make sure you understand the system and is always there to guide you through the process. Thank you so much Mike!

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